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Writing Prompt – For Sale: Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings


For Sale: Wedding Ring.

A symbol of unity, love, forever. A symbol of contentedness, of being with another human on a level that went deeper than on a familial level. Giving a wedding ring to the person you planned on spending the rest of your life with was your message to that person: I love you. I cherish you. I love and accept you body and soul, imperfections, faults, quirks and everything in between.

He turned the delicate silver band over and over in his fingers, feelings the slight etching as his pinkie finger slid along the inside. Not needing to read the words engraved there to remember what they said: “Our two hearts are one.”

Gently, he placed the ring in a small satin lined box, nestling it on a pillow. He slowly closed the lid, the small snap of finality echoing around him. Letting her go had been the hardest thing for him, but he knew it would have been selfish of him to hold on, to beg her to hold on. Keep this ring felt like the same thing, begging her to hold on, refusing to let her go. She would hate that. She would want someone else to be able to enjoy what she couldn’t. It had not been easy, but he had finally found someone he thought would be worthy of what he had wanted her to have. And now he was sending it on it its way. And maybe she would have been right. Somehow, there was finally a lightness in him as he slid the box into the mailing box, securing it with packaging tape. He would never forget her. . .but he didn’t need physical objects to remember her smile, the way it lit up her blue eyes and brought a light blush to her high cheekbones. He didn’t need a physical object to know and feel she loved him as he loved her. None of that would ever leave him. What he needed he would always have with him, he knew as he picked up the box and put it by the door, ready to take with him to the post office the next morning. That was all that mattered.

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Is Love Enough Excerpt



Jessica and Angelina facing off:

“What you should be worried about is watching your back; you wouldn’t want to end up being stabbed, now would you?” Jessica raised an eyebrow at Angelina and smiled innocently as if she was talking about the weather.

Angelina shifted to move in front of Jessica. “I wouldn’t go around tossing out threats, sweetie. They can be bad for your health.”

“Don’t make me laugh, Angelina. You don’t scare me. Don’t forget, the last person to threaten me ended up dead.”

“And here I thought coming back to town was going to be boring,” Angelina commented.

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WIP – Love’s Endurance (Forbidden Love Trilogy)

It was gone. All of it. Everything he had spent his entire adult life building. Everything his father had built before him. Gone. What little he had wasn’t enough. And it was all because of her. He had known she would be nothing but trouble and he had been right. No one had wanted to listen to him before. No one wanted to hear the truth. But he knew. The moment she had arrived in town she had brought nothing but destruction to his life. And now here he was, the power he had once had ripped away from him. It brought him no solace that she was dead…her death didn’t change anything.

Exiled from the town he had called home for over a decade. Banned from seeing his children, his parental rights taken from him, Johnny DeLuca had had no choice but to grasp at the one straw he still had – a deal made with the Angel of Death in exchange for information. With nothing left, Johnny had cashed in on the deal, making sure he was protected. Angelina’s father had come through for him, providing him the protection and funds he needed to keep his head above water for now.

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What Are You Passionate About? Part II – “Do What Makes You Feel Beautiful”



In my first post: What Are You Passionate About? Part I “The Thing That Pulls You”, I referred to a great article I had read, which  you can find here about finding your passion. The article presented eight questions to think about and in part I of this post, I responded to the first question. In this post, I am going to address the next concept presented in the article that deals with the question: “What am I doing when I feel most beautiful?”

In today’s society, beauty relies so much on the external, physicality of a person. What I feel this article is actually asking is what are you doing that makes you feel beautiful on the inside? For me, feeling beautiful on the inside is about doing what makes me happy, what brings me peace, what allows me to put some part of me into it. What makes me feel beautiful is my writing, is being creative. Telling stories, building worlds, working with characters I have cultivated and nurtured is what makes me feel beautiful. Reading makes me feel beautiful. Reading, for me, has always been a way to escape, to be someone else. When I am feeling sad, frustrated, stressed, when I am feeling ugly inside and out, turning to reading and writing helps me to regain that sense of who I am and always makes me feel beautiful.

So now I am turning the question back on to you, readers. What are you doing when you feel most beautiful? Respond in the comments below. I’d love to hear what makes you feel beautiful.

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Shatter (Phoenix Rising) by Joan Swan – A Review



Shatter (which I received a free copy of from the publisher in exchange for this review) is the 4th installment in Joan Swan’s Phoenix Rising series and, in my opinion, the hottest installment to boot!! I fell in love with the series from book one (Fever) and haven’t been able to put them down since! I was so happy when this new book featured Mitch – the sexy lawyer with the quick wit, endless charm and sex appeal. Ever since we was introduced in the earlier books and even though he usually hung around in the background providing comedic relief and some crafty ways to get everyone out of trouble with his many “connections” I’ve always liked him and knew there was so much more to his story. Joan Swan did an amazing job of bringing Mitch’s story to the forefront, of letting the reader get a chance to really get to know Mitch on such a deep level, so learn what makes him tick. Joan Swan showed us that there is so much more to Mitch than the playboy he shows on the surface. Want to know what that is? Good. Because then you’re going to have to grab a copy of your own…and believe me, you won’t be sorry!!!

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What Are You Passionate About? Part I: “The Thing That Pulls You”

photo credit Marek Uliasz via Dreamstime.com

    When I was younger and someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was: a teacher. There was no hesitation. I didn’t have to think about it. I always knew that’s what I was doing to do. I love school. I love learning. I loved reading. But was it my passion? For many years I thought it was. My entire educational focus in high school and college was geared on becoming a teacher. In the early years of my being a teacher much of my free time was spent on preparation of lessons and activities. I continued onto obtaining my Masters degree focusing on Literacy Skills.

Can your passions change? Or has my passion never really been fully realized?

I came across an article title “Find Your Passion With These 8 Thought-Provoking Questions” by Warren Berger. I have read the article a couple of time since coming across it and I agree with the title – the questions really do make you sit back and think. Now, I am not going to respond to each question in this one post – I wouldn’t dare subject you to that! Instead, I am going to reflect on the first question posed: What is your tennis ball? (Not sure what I mean? Check out the article! Just click on the article’s title above and it’ll link you right to it!). In other words, what is the thing that pulls you?

What pulls me? If you haven’t guessed by the visual at the beginning of this post, it’s being creative. It’s telling stories. It’s building worlds and populating them with characters and allowing them to tell their stories. Growing up, I loved coming up with stories that I them acted out with my Barbies. When I would get together with my younger cousins I would always come up with some kind of scenario/story for us to play out. As I got older, those stories moved from my Barbies to notebooks and I became to really write, to realize that I could write those stories down and there might be people out there that might want to read them – although it wasn’t until college that I really let other people read my writing. My passion is stories. My passion is storytelling. My passion is the stories I read and talk about. My passion is my writing. And whether I share them with the world or not doesn’t make me more or less passionate about it.

photo credit Marek Uliasz via Dreamstime.com

photo credit Marek Uliasz via Dreamstime.com

     So what pulls you? What is the one thing you find yourself doing?

In the next installment of this series – What Are You Passionate About? I will answer the question – What am I doing when I feel most beautiful?

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Teaser Tuesday – January 7, 2014

Teaser Tuesday book


Happy New Year!!! What new books are you reading in 2014??

Doctor Illuminatus: The Alchemist’s Son by Martin Booth

Doctor Illuminatus  Out of the blue, the air was filled with a maelstrom of insects – butterflies, bees, gnats, grasshoppers, mosquitos, dragonflies, wasps, lacewings and shield bugs. They beat against her face, crawled over her neck, tangled themselves in her hair and sought to get in her mouth, nostrils and ears.








The Heroes of Olympus Book Four: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

House of Hades

“The Phlegethon?” He shinnied along the ledge. They’d made it roughly a third of the way down the cliff – still high enough up to die if they fell. “Sounds like a marathon for hawking spitballs.”
















Cross My Heart by James Patterson

Cross My Heart  “Every crime scene! I saw him outside the spa, and the Lancasters’ house, and I swear I caught a glimpse of him in a Georgetown sweatshirt in the crowd outside the brothel. And Bree says she thinks Carney was the officer she ordered to help Mrs. Branson after she almost collapsed right after Joss was taken!”








So, what are you reading in 2014?? Share in the comments!!

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Allegiant by Veronica Roth: A Book Review



In Divergent, one choice can transform you. In Insurgent, one choice can destroy you. In Allegiant, the final book in this trilogy by Veronica Roth, one choice will define you. The major difference with Allegiant was that, unlike the first two books, this one was not told solely from Tris’ point of view. In a twist that I liked, Veronica Roth also gave us Four’s point of view, which I thought was a great idea. Not that I didn’t like Tris, but sometimes when you get everything from one person’s perspective, it can be a little hard to really get a feel of the other characters, to know what is really in their heads and not just what Tris’ thoughts and perceptions of them are. From the beginning I was always intrigued with Four, so I was glad that he was getting a chance to have a voice as well.


Before reading the book, I had heard some grumblings about fans not liking the ending and even threating the author to rewrite it (not sure if this is true or not), so I was intrigued and decided to dive right in before I accidentally read some spoilers. I have to admit, this one didn’t immediately grab me the way the other two had. I found the beginning slow. And although I enjoyed reading Four’s perspective, I found I was bored with Tris and didn’t really care what happened to her. In fact, she began to annoy me pretty quickly – which was disappointing as I had felt connected with her in the first two books and this was no longer the case. But I solidered on. Then I started thinking about the title – Allegiant. Sure, there was a group that called themselves Allegiant but they and their mission seemed to get lost pretty quickly and I no longer felt that the title had any validity. I’m not into giving spoilers, and I won’t here, but I will say that when I did get to the part that I figured so many fans had problems with, I just kinda shurgged. It had no real impact on me and I felt it didn’t hurt the story in the end. Sure, the end itself was kind of drawn out and weak and should have ended at about that climactic part without such a drawn out resolution. I will say I was more impacted with the fallout for Four and only felt emotional about the situation because I really felt that connection with him.


All in all, although I loved the first two books, I felt that Allegiant fell short of what the ending of such a great trilogy should have been. While in Divergent, the choices Tris made did transform her, and in Insurgent the choices destroyed not Tris but her world as she new it, I didn’t feel that Allegiant really defined anyone or anything.

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Sample Sunday – Love’s Endurance (WIP)

Love’s Endurance is the final installment in the Forbidden Love trilogy. Here is a sneak peek:

“What do you mean you don’t have anything to do with this?” Johnny asked angrily, pacing. “This is your fault!”

“Are you kidding me?” the voice said on the other end, followed by a laugh. “I did not convince you to give me the information, Johnny. You did that all on your own.”

“Listen, Angelina, I am in this mess because you had to have your revenge – I’ve lost my business and my family – and you are going to help me get it all back,” Johnny said in a hard tone, rubbing his hand over his hair, the usually impeccable style now an unruly mess of curls.

“I would love to help you, Johnny, but I plan on keeping to my low profile. I accomplished what I set out to do and I would prefer to stay alive long enough to continue to enjoy it,” Angelina said.

“All you accomplished, Angelina, was to give Jake and Alvarez more power than they ever had before. All you accomplished was to get me exiled from my home and family. I won’t allow it to continue.”

Angelina laughed again. “Give it up, Johnny,” she said. “Enjoy the peace and quiet. But if you go back there, you will be dead. We both know it.”

Johnny did know it. Jake and Luis had wasted no time in systematically dismantling his organization and backing Sara in obtaining full custody of their children. With Angelina’s father’s help – something she had promised for his cooperation – he had been able to leave Donovan’s Harbor and find refuge. He hated having to reply on someone else for his very existence.

Having heard enough, Johnny slammed the phone down and stalked over to the bar. Pouring a sizable amount of brandy into a glass, he swallowed the amber liquid in one gulp, banging the glass onto the table. If Angelina wasn’t going to help him, he was going to have to find someone who would. He just had to make sure it was someone crazy enough to go up against Alvarez and Jake without backing down until the job was finished.

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WhooHoo Wednesday – November 13, 2013



Time to celebrate the week!!!

For the first time I joined NaNoWriMo, even though I am not big on tracking word count, in the early stages I found it to be a great motivator to get my butt in the seat and write.


I have started the final installment to my Forbidden Love trilogy – Love’s Endurance. I am trying to stick to a 6 month timeline and have it published by early May 2014…another motivator to get my butt in the seat and write!!


My second novel, Is Love Enough, is going to be in print soon and my first novel, Forbidden Love is heading to other ereader devices through Smashwords!


So, what are you celebrating this week?? I’d love to celebrate with you!

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