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So in continuing with The Indie Exchange 30 Book Meme, today’s topic centered on a book that you hate. Hate is a pretty strong word and I don’t think I’ve ever really hated a book. I’ve been disappointed. I’ve been uninterested. But I think hate might be too strong a word here.

The book that I was very disappointed in – and for the purpose of this topic, that I hated – was Stephen King’s Under the Dome. My fiance had had it on his Amazon wishlist and I thought it sounded great. So I went to my library – conveniently right across the street from my building – and proceeded to check it out. But I couldn’t – there were no more left and I had to go on a waiting list. Now, being put on the waiting list for this book, I was sure it was going to be a page turner. I finally get the call that the book is available and I go to pick it up. I was not expecting something as thick as a brick – 1,088 pages!!!

Once home, I delved into the book. I read and read and read…and read. By page 50 I was finding myself more and more disappointed and frustrated. It was sooooo boring!!! Where was the story? By now, there should be more happening. By the time I got up to the dome making its appearance, a man being cut in half (if I am remembering correctly) and a plane flying into it…I had had enough.

I sort of felt bad for not being able to getting into it and when that happens – and it does at times – I always tell myself that right now wasn’t the right time to read this one and I am going to go back to it at a later time. I never did and I don’t think I ever will. Now when I see it on the shelves I actually sigh and roll my eyes.

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